3 Doors Down sort un nouveau single "The Broken" (en anglais)

3 Doors Down are set to drop their sixth studio album next month, their latest single “The Broken” likely the last taste of Us and the Night before it hits the streets March 11th. The single follows the first single “In the Dark” revealed back in January.

The upcoming album has been anticipated since last June, guitarist Chris Henderson sharing the album title with a rock station in Texas and the expected release later in the year; however, he gave no confirmation and added, “we want to make sure it’s right before we put it out.”

It was just after the new year that 3 Doors Down finally felt it was ready, announcing on their Facebook page:

Hey Friends! We’re excited to announce our new album “Us And The Night” will be released worldwide on March 11th. We’ve spent the last 2 years writing and recording this and can’t wait for y’all to hear it.

Us and the Night will be the current line up’s first album after two tours together since adding guitarist Chet Roberts and bassist Justin Biltonen. “It kind of felt like we were getting into a little bit of a rut and this record is not that rut,” vocalist Brad Arnold told Loudwire in regards to the coming studio release- “It’s a fun record. We had so much fun writing it. We didn’t push it. We didn’t hurry it. We almost kind of stepped back into being a baby band. In a good way, you know? We just went back in there like we wanted to write songs and we were hungry to write some music.”

“It’s truly been a labor of love,” Arnold added, more from the great interview ICI. Check out the latest single below and keep an eye on current tour dates for 3 Doors Down ICI.


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