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Check out our interview with Tom Clancey of SkyDaddy below!

[AltWire/Samantha Warren]: I first wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me today. For our readers who don’t know who you are, can you tell us about yourself and the band?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: Thanks for speaking with me, Samantha. I’m Tom Clancey, guitarist from the band SkyDaddy. We are a four-piece original jam band from downstate New York. We love performing, improvising and have been doing it throughout the north east for the last few years. Along with producing two EPs. Shout out to my fellow SkyDaddy bandmates: Dave Heinz, Joe North and Pat Agresta. I love these guys.

[AW]: You’re currently producing an independent showcase featuring Danielle Sheri Band, The Vibe Theory, and Nellybombs. How did the showcase come to be and how did you decide which artists you wanted on your line up? Can we see more showcases like this in the future?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: With SkyDaddy’s Funktoberfest, we’re fortunate to have support from some really talented musicians and genuine people. I think all the bands mutually admire our respective hustles; we’re four hard-working independent bands who know each other from the Hudson Valley/NYC music scenes. We love collaborating with and enjoying music by our contemporaries at festivals, and we’re also are optimistic we can produce more showcases in the future.

[AW]: You’re going to be touring for the release of Wide Eyes. Let’s talk about what a typical writing session would be like for that EP. How did you decide what went on it and what didn’t make the cut?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: For us, the process happens quickly. One of us will start with an idea, and it runs through the group and we will wind up with something unique. Our new single Effortlessly Elegant was started with Dave’s lyrics and the band quickly turned it into the fun, upbeat song that it is. Because we’re independent, we’ve worked quickly in the studio (shout out to our talented producer Robert Melosh). What a dream it would be for us to have a week – or a month – to work and produce in the recording studio!

[AW]: What are you most excited about with your shows in New York, Vermont, and Connecticut? Are there any places in particular you’re excited to check out?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: Rockwood Music Hall in New York City is a legendary stage that we’re excited to return to on Saturday, Dec. 2. Anytime we can put positive vibrations into the world from a stage and share that with an audience, it’s amazing for us. We’re grateful to do it every time, and especially excited to play in new cities like Baltimore and Washington D.C. (Dec. 8 and 9, respectively). We hope to travel more in 2018.

[AW]: How do you decide which songs go into a set when you perform live? Do you change up the sets or stick to a regular set list?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: Over the years, we’ve played everything from long-forgotten originals to 30 minutes of Rapper’s Delight. In 2017, SkyDaddy shows include songs from our self titled debut EP and our second EP “Wide Eyes,” plus a choice cover or two. The set is a thing of beauty right now, to me, and I’m excited to perform it a few more times before we change it forever. We’ll have new SkyDaddy music in 2018 for the world; I know I have new ideas in the works.

[AW]: If you had a choice to go on any bands tour, which tour would you pick and why?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: I’d love get the opportunity to be around some of my guitar heroes, like Eric Krasno, Derek Trucks or Jimmy Herring. If I had to guess for my bandmates, I’d say: Dave would pick Red Hot Chili Peppers; Pat would pick Outil; and Joe would pick a jazz master, like Sonny Rollins.

[AW]: With the music industry constantly changing and evolving, what do you love and hate about it? What things do you think have helped your career the most and least? What would you want to change about it?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: I absolutely love collaboration and vibes. At it’s core, when things are going right, music makes people happy. In one respect, we’re fortunate to be rooted in the collaboration that has historically defined the American music experience. We’re also fortunate enough to have made it far enough to be creating our own existence. If I could change one thing – this is a big one – I’d like to see an end to synergistic corporations choosing winners and losers by dominating distribution, and what audiences see what on the web, radio and TV. The irony is, that it’s only going to come from audiences at large recognizing value in the joy of music, and working to experience it – whether it’s at a coffee shop in New York City, a bar in New Orleans or a DIY show in suburban USA.

[AW]: If you could give any up and coming bands any advice what would it be? What advice stuck with you that you were given when you started in the industry?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy:  Make sure you’re having fun, because it’s difficult. Manifest positive vibes and enjoy. It’s a privilege to play music. Even if none of us get paid. On that note, maybe get a part time job.

[AW] : Un dernier mot ?

Tom Clancey / SkyDaddy: We hope to see you at show in the future! Please check out our new EP on Spotify and all platforms. You can go to http://www.skydaddymusic.com/ for details and help us get better shows by “liking” our Facebook page. If you’ve made it this far in our interview, congratulations and thanks for reading!

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