Anthrax travaille sur la suite de "Worship Music

Anthrax has revealed a tentative release date of late 2015 or early 2016 for their follow-up to Worship Music, confirming with that a solid amount of material is currently being worked on. With their hashtag #ANTHRAXalbum2015, it is likely fans will have the new album sooner than later, with work having begun on it since touring for their last album in 2011.

“We do have a lot of songs,” guitarist Scott Ian says, “it’s not like we’re just working on ten songs- we have seventeen songs.” Many have already been recorded, and feature the debut of their newest bandmember, guitarist Jon Donais, as they work with producer Jay Ruston again.

April marked the start of a North American Spring tour ending in June with Volbeat.  Both bands have been hitting major US festivals, with the latest being Rock On The Range in Ohio this past weekend. The set list has included their newest song, “Soror Irrumator (Lords of the Rock).”

Remaining dates, as well as their newest date for The Shindig Festival in September, can be found ICI.

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