Breaking Benjamin dévoile 'Psycho'

American post-grunge outfit Breaking Benjamin have unveiled their latest promotional single, ‘Psycho’, for the much anticipated upcoming studio effort, Ember, due for release April 13th.

Following a four year hiatus from 2010 through to 2014, after the release of Chère Agonie in 2009, Ember marks the second studio release since the complete reformation of the band in 2014, with all new members except frontman and vocalist Benjamin Burnley.

Promising the album to be heavier than previous 2015 release, L'obscurité avant l'aube, ‘Psycho’ takes full advantage of the triple guitarist onslaught of Benjamin Burnley, Jasen Rauch et Keith Wallen, with huge riffs and searing leads, and when paired with Burnley’s signature guttural screams, ‘Psycho’ takes this promise pretty damn seriously.

Other available singles include ‘Feed the Wolf’, ‘Red Cold River’ and ‘Blood’.

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M. Stoneman

"Si vous combinez les films d'horreur, la musique rock et Silent Hill, je suis le résultat : un écrivain britannique qui va probablement s'extasier devant les solos de guitare et les bandes-son de jeux d'horreur.
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