Cheer Up Dusty - "Everybody Hates Me" (Tout le monde me déteste)

Cheer Up DustyPhoto Credit: Eric Friend

If you’re feeling like everybody hates you (especially if your name just happens to be Dusty), don’t worry, Cheer Up Dusty has got your back!

The Philadelphia-based pop-punk band has just released their latest single, “Everybody Hates Me,” and it’s sure to make you feel less alone. This track follows their sophomore EP from last year and is the project’s first release since the addition of their newest members, Brayan and Paul (who initially composed the idea for the song).

According to the band, the song deals with feelings of inadequacy as well as the anxiety that stems from them:

“The lyrics come from that feeling of anxiety that everyone around you secretly hates you and that you’re not doing well enough in life,” the band’s frontman explains about the meaning behind the track.

If you’re searching for a wonderful burst of pop-punk nostalgia that is as Gritty as everyone’s favorite psychopathic-looking NHL mascot, Cheer Up Dusty is definitely worth checking out!

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