Coldplay choque ses fans avec la sortie surprise du single "Midnight".

Consider our minds completely blown! After a series of mysterious updates (and new images of the band on their official Facebook page) Coldplay has hit their fan base with a beyonce-style surprise  of epic proportions.

The new track “Midnight” – presumably from their yet to be titled upcoming new album – is a drastic departure from the poppy and upbeat sound of Mylo Xyloto. Trading the busy instrumentation of their previous effort for a tense and atmospheric electronic track, the song holds little in common to the sound Coldplay fans are used to. Featuring a black and white video, directed by Mary Wigmore, the track is a slow-burner clocking in at almost six minutes in length.

Before the release of the surprise track this morning, many claims had circulated that the band’s long hyped and rumored sixth record would hail a return to the sound of their A Rush of Blood To The Head era. However, if this new track is of any indication, it looks like the band will be heading in an entirely new direction altogether.

What are your thoughts on the new single? Sound off in the comments!

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