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Photo taken by Atlanta Photographer Michael Foster

I first heard Emmaline on Facebook, while browsing through my News Feed. It was like destiny, if you believe in these things. I accidentally clicked the play button for her new YouTube video while trying to scroll down on my archaic computer, which is known to freeze occasionally. The voice that I heard on my headphones sounded like a grassroots singer from a motion picture soundtrack. Of course, I watched the video and began to discover who Emmaline is.

My journey continued with Emmaline’s new single and video, “The Path“. The Path is the title track from the EP with the same name. The Australian indie artist had actually written an entirely different EP but, after she finished it, The Path came along.  She scrapped the EP and began writing a new EP that surrounded her new song.

Emmaline says, “I wrote “The Path” really quickly because it really related to what I had been going through. I felt that this was more of an honest song and more like me, musically.”

The amazing thing about this video is The Path was completely shot in one take using an LGV10 smartphone!

Check out The Path on YouTube below! You can also find it on iTunes at:


You can follow Emmaline at the following links:

A propos de l'auteur

Al Gibson

Al Gibson est le directeur du personnel et de l'édition pour, ainsi que le propriétaire d' Il est également un artiste hip-hop indépendant, créant un son qu'il a baptisé Sci-Fi Music. Basé dans le nord-ouest de l'Indiana (Chicagoland), la mission de Vin pour AltWire est d'"apporter une reconnaissance à chaque artiste indépendant qui essaie d'amplifier sa voix". Pour AltWire, il ne s'agit pas de statistiques. Il s'agit de l'amour de la musique !
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