Le chanteur de Faith No More, Mike Bordin, parle de "Sol Invictus".

In what has been a fantastic year for band reunions so far, Faith No More have returned with their first album in eighteen years; Sol Invictus, which is set to released May 15th. Promoted by the lead single “Motherfucker”, which has been available since November of last year, the new album is expected to be a triumphant return for the band, despite drummer Mike Bordin previously having “shut the door” on Faith No More.

Talking with Fils musicaux recently, Bordin stated the answer had always been a determined Absolument pas to fans’ when questioned for a new album. It was six years ago in 2009 when they reunited for a limited amount of shows that their answer changed.

“[We] knew after a certain point that we were either going to do new stuff or stop entirely. [In that reunion], it became pretty clear that it felt comfortable to be playing again… and it was then we began to look at where to go from there.”

Bordin explains Sol Invictus could not have happened at the start of that reunion- “it wouldn’t have been us,” he says. “We had to revisit who we were…. Now that we’re all speaking the same language again, now we get to go somewhere new.”

With bassist Billy Gould producing, 2014 was spent putting the album together, one which groups the members’ diverse influences, as Bordin told Music Feed, something that has always been Faith No More; otherwise, it’d be dishonest in his eyes.

The excitement fans are feeling over the new album is well alive in the reunited band, as the countdown kicked off with shows in Tokyo- during which they surprised fans with their second new song, “Cone of Shame” -and continues onto Australian grounds at Soundwave Festival this weekend, headlining alongside Slipknot, The Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden. Faith No More will be touring North America in April just before the album drops, their new single "Super-héros" set for release in March. All dates can be found ICI.

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