Foo Fighters announce new album ‘Concrete and Gold’

Tuesday morning, Foo Fighters took to Twitter to announce that their six-month hiatus was really just a rouse: In fact, they were using the time to put together a new album.

Photo from Foo Fighters’ official Twitter

The album, titled “Concrete and Gold,” is set to be released on Sept. 15. Preorders are available at

Riding on the cusp of this announcement, Foo Fighters also announced Cal Jam 2017, a one-day festival they’ve organized in San Bernadino, Calif. The lineup includes Queens of the Stoneage, Cage the Elephant and more. The show will also serve as the starting point for the band’s just-announced fall tour.

The announcements come several weeks after Foo Fighters released their latest single, “Run.”

For presale, tour dates and more, visit

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