Harry Styles Debut Single – Sign of the Times

Harry Styles’ debut single is here and it’s even better than everyone was expecting.  Not only is the song beautiful and unique, it seems to have a hidden meaning that no one has been able to figure out quite yet.  BBC wrote “The lyrics are a bit of a riddle.”…but in a good way.  The former boy band member went from performing up beat pop love songs to singing a deep yet mellow melody.  Overall, the single was a pleasant surprise (to say the least) and it very well may be the song to dethrone Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”.

Even though Harry’s new song has only been on YouTube for less than 24 hours, it has already hit over 700,000 views, #6 trending on YouTube and has had countless reaction, cover and review videos posted.  What do you think about the soon to be smash hit?

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