Munky de Korn parle de son nouvel album et de l'interprétation intégrale de son premier album

Korn are still celebrating twenty years since their debut self-titled album, and guitarist and founding member Munky recently sat down with Full Metal Jackie at the 2015 Welcome to Rockville Festival to discuss his feelings about the anniversary.

Asked how it felt to be playing their debut record in its entirety, Munky responds, “you can tell we were just kids and we were developing, uncovering and polishing a sound that we didn’t know was going to take off so much.

“A lot of other bands- guys in bands come up to me now. Young bands say, ‘you’ve inspired us.’ I’m starting to get that, seeing a lot of the fans come with their kids kind of bringing a generation. It’s a trip.

“Playing the songs are a lot of fun because they’re kind of kooky with the structures and sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but at the time it did. It’s a lot of fun. It brings back a lot of good memories.”

Having grown for twenty years, the band’s next direction is questioned-

“I think we just continue to grow as songwriters, so I don’t know,” Munky explains; “We’ve gone in every direction except for country and I don’t think that’s going to happen for Morn, but I know there’s been some remix stuff. I think we’ll probably explore some of what we left off on the last record. Maybe a little more conceptual.”

Read the full interview ICI.

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