Les éditeurs publient la vidéo de leur nouveau single "Honesty" - écoutez-la ici


Alternative Rock band Editors have dropped the video for their latest single Honesty (out November 25th, 2013 via PIAS records) and you can watch it below via their official VEVO channel.

Although they have been making music for about eleven years, Editors are a band that continue to impress with every release and deserve more attention than they already have. Their latest single “Honesty”; is an ethereal and atmospheric powerhouse, with a huge open retro sound that brings to mind the band’s Arcade Fire and R.E.M. influences. What truly confuses us is the somewhat uneven reception their latest work has received by the mainstream music press. A quick glance at some of the less favorable reviewers would fool most listeners into believing that the band’s latest is not worth their time, but in reality they’d be missing out on some truly fantastic work.

“Honesty” will be available as a digital single on November 25th. The entire record The Weight of Your Love is currently out via PIAS records and can be found on Amazon.


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