Nouvelle musique : Le nouveau titre de Of Mice & Men, "Mosaic", est très puissant.

Rock band Des souris et des hommes, have released a new track called “Mosaic” this week. Featuring an incredible performance by Aaron Pauley on vocals, “Mosaic” shows a confident Pauley continuing to come into his own as the band’s now sole vocalist, after the departure of co-vocalist Austin Carlisle in 2016 due to health issues.

This new track follows the earlier release of two EPs Timeless et Bloom, both of which were written and recorded during the 2020 lockdowns, that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These two EPs are part of a planned trilogy of EPs and are the band’s debut releases on their new contract with SharpTone Records, a deal they signed after leaving their previous label Rise Records last year.

The band has not yet revealed the planned release date for their third EP, promising only “more to come – lots more”, but vocalist Aaron Pauley had the following to say about the new single:

“‘Mosaic’ is about questioning whether or not we, as human beings, can overcome our seemingly primal need for combativeness, because it’s more prevalent than ever in our lives these days,” shares Pauley about the track.

Listen to “Mosaic” ici.

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