Three Days Grace annonce le nom de sa chanteuse principale et publie un nouveau morceau, "Painkiller".

After more than a year since former front man Adam Gontier announced his departure from the band, Trois jours de grâce have announced Matt Walst as the band’s official permanent replacement.

We are happy to announce that Matt will be a part of Three Days Grace. Matt has been on the road with us, and has been writing with us since 2003. Bringing Matt into the 3DG family is a no-brainer…he’s always been in it. 

Featuring Matt on lead vocals, the band debuted their new song “Painkiller” on March 31st. According to the band’s website, the unique is available on iTunes starting April 1st.

Walst is bassist Brad’s brother and singer of My Darkest Days. After leading the band for a co-headlining tour with Shinedown, this news comes as no surprise to existing Three Days Grace fans. Walst also posted a  video to the fans and announced big news to come.

Is a new album in the works? What do you think of “Painkiller”?  Tell us below.

Sources: Three Days Grace Official Actualités & Facebook Pages

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