Hall & Oates: Class of 2016

Hall Oates

Fans of my columns should know by now that, as the song says, I’m only happy when it rains. However, it’s hard to be any sort of sad when you’re talking about Daryl Hall & John Oates. Merely the visual of the duo brings to mind perfectly positioned blonde locks of Daryl’s hair and John’s enigmatic, happy open-mouthed face while bouncing around in back playing guitar. At least that’s what pops in my head. Am I alone here?

    I grew up on Hall & Oates. In fact, at the ripe age of 12, my very first concert was at a North Carolina amusement park palladium, and it was none other than these two. What is NOT to love? Who doesn’t love Hall & Oates?
Terrible people.
    I mean- there’s an actual Hall & Oates emergency hotline. If you NEED to get your fix, you can dial the number and pick a song to hear. This is a real, legitimate thing. (Really, Google it.) At any given time in life, if you’re feeling a bit somber, they are there for you. Also, they taught me the correct pronunciation of the word “JAG-U-AR”. Who doesn’t need to know that?
    A pop duo of exponential class; other pop duos could only aspire and fail to be anything as amazing as this pair. Everyone remembers the hits “Sara Smile”, “Private Eyes”, “Maneater”, “Adult Education”, and the list goes on and on. However, did you know, that Daryl Hall is a bit of a bad ass? Besides being the first white man ever inducted into the R&B Hall of Fame, Daryl Hall has a monthly web series called, “Live From Daryl’s House”, this series is… well let’s just say… hilarious. Dedicated to all things music, it’s a one stop shop for Daryl to get together with his rock and roll buddies. His buddies are people like: Smokey Robinson, Rob Thomas, and Patrick Stump just to name a few.
    Daryl has not lost an inch of his edge and talent. It’s as if God himself said “LET THERE BE ONE MOST PERFECTLY TONED KICK-ASS POP VOICE ON THE PLANET”. He created Daryl Hall, although a bit unfair for the rest of those aspiring singers, but whatever. God gave us Daryl Hall, and for that we are eternally grateful.
    We aren’t done there. John Oates is more than just a pretty face with a set of guitar strings as well. For you kids out there, this man is no stranger to asserting himself. John has a number of projects including: The R&B Foundation, the 7908 Aspen Songwriter’s Festival, and providing influence to fan favorites Gym Class Heroes and The Killers.
This year we are fortunate enough to see them ON THE ROAD!! Live and in your face, Hall & Oates are touring again. Be aware, this show is a get-out-of-your-seat-and-don’t-pretend-you-don’t-know-every-single-word-to-every-song phantasm of an event. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve seen these men perform seven times in my life! I hope I haven’t seen the last of them.
Daryl and John, we’re watching you.
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