Sickening: Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty to 2013 Child Sex Abuse Charges

Ian Watkins

IanWatkinsIn what is surely one of the more shocking pieces of news to come out of the rock music world as of late; vocalist Ian Watkins of Lostprophets has today pleaded guilty to 13 child sex offenses, two of which include the attempted rape of an infant child.

Ian Watkins’ guilty plea comes after a thorough police investigation that spanned several months and uncovered numerous instances of child pornography and evidence of intent to commit sexual assaults against a minor.

Prior to admitting his guilt in court, Ian Watkins had previously “furiously” denied the allegations; and only plead guilty once the investigation brought forth irrefutable proof of his guilt and wrongdoing in the form of photographic and video evidence.

After convicting Watkins on 13 counts DCI Peter Doyle; the senior officer in the case, released the following statement:

“This investigation has uncovered the most shocking and harrowing child abuse evidence I have ever seen.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Ian Watkins exploited his celebrity status in order to abuse young children.

“Today’s outcome ensures that the three people responsible have been brought to justice.

“The safeguarding of children has been the primary objective for the investigation team and the outcome of this investigation has been achieved through a multi agency approach at an international level.

“Two very young children have been removed from this abuse and given a future that would otherwise have been denied them.

“The investigation has been extremely complex and challenging with key information and evidence being identified from witnesses worldwide.

“A significant amount of electronic data has been retrieved from computers and web based storage which has provided crucial evidence to support the case.

“South Wales Police has worked in partnership with Interpol, other police forces, National Crime Agency’s CEOP command, local authorities in England and Wales, the Department of Homeland Security in the USA and the NSPCC.

“Today’s outcome does not mark the end of our investigations and we will work tirelessly to identify any other victims or witnesses and seek the justice they deserve.

“Above all this investigation has been focused on the protection of children and my thoughts today are with those victims.”


Wales Online was on hand to live report on the court proceedings, and you can read a summary of the events here.  Additionally,  to read a full list of the charges to which Ian Watkins has pleaded guilty, please read this article.

Watkins and the two other adults (unnamed) who were also convicted will be facing sentencing on the 18th of December. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Source: Wales Online

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