Why Kingdom Come Deliverance (2018) Is The Best RPG Ever

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a story-driven open-world RPG that will make you question what you know about medieval history. You are Henry, the son of a blacksmith who sets out to find his father’s killer. Explore your world to find your destiny before it finds you!

The game takes place in Bohemia (now known as the Czech Republic). It promises an immersive experience full of rich dialogue and period-authentic combat. In the first game for Warhorse Studios, players are tasked to explore this vast land filled with adventure and danger around every corner. Whether fighting bandits or hunting wild animals, honor and virtue must be preserved. At the same time, poverty rots away at those who cannot defend themselves. But, beware; not all battles can be won!

Kingdom Come Deliverance – A Raging Civil War with Real Historical Characters

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a massive RPG set in medieval times and developed by Warhorse Studios. Warhorse is a Czech video game developer based in Prague (now owned by Koch Media since 2019). Set in 1403, players control a protagonist named Henry during a raging civil war in Bohemia. Henry is a blacksmith who lives in the silver-mining town of Skalitz with his father, Martin. Praised for its story, character development, realism, and detail, KC:D won many GOTY awards. Yet, it was unfortunately plagued by some rather game-breaking bugs at release. As a result, it put some gamers off when it launched in 2018.

Chances are if you were to look up Kingdom Come Deliverance right now, you’d find many comments from angry people in 2018, rage-quitting because the role-playing game was a ‘buggy mess’ and you should avoid it at all costs. Even today, as a result of this reputation, you’re likely to find cautious gamers in the Kingdom Come Subreddit asking if the game is ‘safe to play now” and whether Warhorse patched all the bugs.

While it is true that the game did launch with some rather nasty bugs, Warhorse Studios stood by their creation. They worked hard to correct the flaws, paying attention to people’s concerns to turn the game into the near-masterpiece it is today. So please allow me to tell you why you should now give it a second chance.

“I’m feeling kind of hungry…”

The Best Deal on The Best RPG Ever

My journey with Kingdom Come Deliverance first began out of a terrific deal at Target. The game was marked down (perhaps erroneously) to five dollars. It attracted me with its beautifully designed cover art; the fantastic price made me pick up the game and read the description on the back. After no deliberation at all, and considering I had no Medieval era video games on my PS4 (save for Witcher 3, if that counts), I thought I couldn’t go wrong with a five-dollar video game.

What followed was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Currently, this fantastic RPG is available on average between 10-25 bucks. Sometimes, the game will even be available for free for a limited time. With a deal like that, it’s foolish not to take advantage of such a great game.

The first thing that impressed me was the graphics. I remember playing this with my girlfriend next to me and thinking, ‘damn, this is like an indie studio Skyrim‘ – an ignorant comparison in hindsight, considering how off-base I came to be.

Firstly, in Skyrim, you are a capable fighter from the start. You’re the damn Dragonborn! In Skyrim, you have strong magic that you learn pretty early on. Then, after a few hours of grinding, you’re OP. With Kingdom Come Deliverance, it couldn’t be any more different. From the very beginning, Kingdom Come Deliverance challenged my typical video game thinking. The developers forced me to uncover other ways to confront my challenges.

Like others who played this game fresh, I nearly quit during the prologue due to the challenging combat. I couldn’t kill a Cuman (the game’s invading forces) to save my life. Within the first hour, I was surrounded by several of them as I was trying to defend the life of Theresa, a mill worker, and friend of Henry. After some thought, I discovered that the idea was not to fight them but to run, distract them so Theresa could get away, and then get the hell out of dodge.

A Different Kind of Game

It was then that I realized this game was different. While the game does not have a character creator, like other RPGs, you don’t mind this as Henry is an excellent lead character.

Unlike the traditional everyman in most video games, who still manages to be robust despite being an average Joe, this game forces you to throw out your typical video game logic and way of thinking. You suck at combat and will die despite your best efforts because you’re skill-less. You’ve never had to fight before.

You fail at things other games would let you excel in from the start because you’re an illiterate peasant. You spent more time throwing shit at houses with your friends than learning to read and make a man out of yourself. So, in essence, you play the village idiot, and this game penalizes you if you don’t take the time to ‘git gud’ and level up.

It forces you to generate different ways to complete a mission than what’s often presented. For example, when it came time to prove to Miller Peschek that I could be a decent thief, the lockpicking mechanic made me curse the developers and their firstborns. I broke all the training lock picks before realizing I could strip my armor off, reduce my noise to zero and knock the executioner out during the night.

Once I leveled up my lockpicking, I could do it with my eyes closed. In another example, the game tasks you with saving a main character who the Cumans have captured. This would result in a swordfight in most games. Instead, this game encouraged you to wait till nightfall and sneak away undetected. Stealth is optional in many games, but it’s a matter of life or death with this game.

Tournaments, while at first difficult and rather frustrating, are some of the most entertaining ways to increase your combat skills.

A Massive Realistic Open World

There are so many parts of this game that you can tell were well thought out and considered the finest detail. Roads have desire paths cut into the grass. Graves you disturb have different bodies for each grave instead of a stock skeleton. Roads pool with water when it’s raining (seemingly in real-time), and the setting feels lived-in. It’s a gorgeous game world, filled with detail and many areas to explore. It’s possible to ride around for hours and find new caves, ruins, or unusual sites that you never saw during your main playthrough.

As you find treasure and immerse yourself in the game’s beautiful world, the area seems to come alive. I’ve played a few RPGs, and Bohemia is one of my favorite settings of those I’ve explored to date.

The graphics are stunning, the world feels alive, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to sit and watch NPCs interact with each other while you cook a meal or raid somebody’s house, you’ll be in for a treat. The amount of detail put into the game is staggering. It shows that you don’t need to be a massive gaming studio like Ubisoft to create a beautiful game.

But it’s not just the graphics that impress: the game mechanics do as well. Combat is steeped in realism and becomes so satisfying when you finally land that fatal blow after getting your ass kicked (before leveling up). Henry gets tired; Henry gets hungry. If you don’t go to bed, he’ll pass out. He’ll die if you ignore his hunger, killing hours of progress. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t auto-save except for completed missions. So it’s up to you to remember to use ‘Saviour Schnapps’ (the game’s way of manual saving) if you want to avoid replaying mass sections.

If you take the time to teach Henry how to read, countless books within the game’s world teach you Bohemia’s history. Including some real-life history that took place in the game’s not only realistic but natural setting. If you are a medieval history buff, you’ll be excited about how much work went into researching 15th century Bohemia and the conflicts that tore the Kingdom apart. Not to mention there is a Star Wars level plot twist midway through the game that you likely won’t see coming.

Buy Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition!

Astonishingly, many of the people who developed on this game had never worked on a game before. Even more impressive, it came from such a small studio that obtained a good part of the funding through Kickstarter. Kingdom Come Deliverance glows with major studio professionalism in places. It’s exciting to think of how the team might perform in the future; now, they can work with the far bigger teams and far bigger budgets of Koch Media.

Unfortunately, it’s still somewhat buggy and flawed in spots. For example, take the issues if you play on consoles. You may become frustrated with the texture pop-in that happens in populated areas. Also, the game’s engine struggles to render some of the detailed environment on the aging current-gen consoles. These issues are likely due to inexperience on the team with console engine optimization.

Closing Thoughts

Even if the game isn’t always perfect, there’s so much about Kingdom Come Deliverance to love. If you can ignore the occasional texture issues and minor (but not game-breaking) bugs, you cannot find a better experience for the price. The current average retail cost is around 20 dollars. I’ve already sunk over 100 hours into this game. I never would’ve thought my five-dollar chance purchase would bring me such an incredible experience.

In closing, if you’re looking for a new adventure after Fallout 4 or Witcher 3, Kingdom Come Deliverance might be your next favorite story-driven open-world RPG with over 100 hours of gameplay.

Kingdom Come Deliverance delivers an immersive experience for gamers looking for something new with detailed graphics and intricate game mechanics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kingdom Come Deliverance

Is the story of Kingdom Come Deliverance real?

While some of the characters in Kingdom Come Deliverance are fictional, the general narrative is based on historical stories from the medieval era. Everything from the princes, heirs of the country, castles, and bloody battles are all based on historical records of Bohemia from the 1400s.

The game is set in 1403 in the Holy Roman Empire after Wenceslas IV has become the new King of Bohemia. Sigismund, his half-brother, invades the country and wreaks havoc, plunging the country into a raging civil war. The resulting siege of Skalitz leaves few survivors, forcing Henry (the lead character) to abandon his peaceful life and embark on a quest for vengeance after his parents death. In the story that ensues, Henry will battle invading forces, engage in bloody conflict, and converse with the country’s many memorable characters.

Is Kingdom Come Deliverance a good game?

Look no further if you skipped the entire article to get down to this point. The answer is a resounding yes. It is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. It was one of the most rewarding role playing experiences I’ve had in gaming. Where else can you get such a beautiful combination of historical accuracy, epic adventure, and the immersion that one would get from tabletop RPGs? Warhorse Studios has made an action adventure title with an experience that few other games can manage. For less than 30 bucks, Kingdom Come Deliverance is a great deal.

Has Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 been confirmed?

While Warhorse Studios have not announced a sequel to Kingdom Come Deliverance, they have been rather coy and playful on their Twitter account about the subject. Many fans have speculated on Twitter of clues to a sequel, only to get likes and responses to their tweets from the studio. If there isn’t a sequel in the works at this point, it would be a major surprise as it hasn’t exactly been a well-kept secret. PC Gamer also reported in 2o18 that a sequel was already planned.

How many hours is Kingdom Come Deliverance?

That depends on how you play the game. If you focus on the main objectives, expect 30-40 hours of playthrough. However, if you’re a completionist, the game’s length will jump substantially. Expect a playtime of more than 125 hours to achieve 100%.

What is Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition is a definitive edition release, including all before released DLC and updates to the base game. These add-ons include Treasures Of The Past, From The Ashes, The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, Band of Bastards, and A Woman’s Lot. Both Amorous Adventures and A Woman’s Lot are worth the price of admission alone as they go a long way to expand the backstory of the Kingdom Come Deliverance’s side characters.

Does Kingdom Come: Deliverance Have Multiplayer?

No, and it’s unlikely that this will ever be explored. The studio has commented that they have no plans to add multiplayer to Kingdom Come Deliverance at any point. An unofficial mod for the game’s PC version was in the works but discontinued.

Kingdom Come Deliverance
While training in Kingdom Come Deliverance, sometimes it felt good to hit Bernard in his smug face.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Tips

The Lockpicking In Kingdom Come Deliverance Sucks! Is There An Exploit I Can Use?

To date, there is one Kingdom Come Deliverance lockpicking exploit that has not been patched. Go to Sasau late at night, and look for a “Very Easy” door in town. Save your game before continuing. Make sure no guards are around and lockpick the door. Walk in to wake up the resident and then run outside, hiding from view till they lock the door once more. Repeat this, and your lockpick skill will be dramatically increased within an hour. A warning, try to do this in one night, as crime reports will increase guard patrols, making future attempts more difficult.

Is There A Way To Make Money Quick in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Yes, if you do not own the Privyslavitz DLC, you can still exploit the game to make good money. It requires a high lock picking skill and good conversation skills (as you will need to talk your way out of being jailed/pay off guards). Once you’ve upped your skill perks, rob Rattay’s weapon shops by lockpicking their chests. Steal as much as possible, including storing some on your horse. Next, go down to Peschek’s mill, and lockpick his chest, placing all items within. Give it about two days, ingame, and lockpick Peschek’s chest again. Steal the money he made from selling the items, and repeat. Doing so will make you filthy rich in no time.

How Can I Get Better At Fighting?

Train with Captain Bernard as much as possible. While it may be annoying to some to grind, this is the only way to ensure you get better. Once you learn Master Strikes and execute them flawlessly, you will get a lot better at combat, and it won’t feel like such a chore. Yet, do remember that it is not advised to get yourself cornered by multiple enemies, even with excellent combat skills. Doing so all but guarantees that you’ll be dead and quick. Instead, always try to keep enemies in front of you and keep moving and dodging. Block and perform master strikes when possible, and ensure you’re well armored and protected.

Also, certain potions will increase your stamina or ability to inflict damage. Using these before a battle with many Cumans or even before the game’s Tournament modes will give you a distinct advantage.

I Found A Polearm But Cannot Put It In My Inventory, Why?

Polearms are a weapon that still exists in Kingdom Come Deliverance but was never completely finished in their implementation. This is why you cannot buy these weapons in a store but can stumble across them in-game or use them during combat. It is impossible to keep them while on your horse or store them in your inventory. If you keep them out, you can inflict significant damage on enemies. Still, they do not allow for master strikes, are slower during combat, and thus have their drawbacks. Use them at your own risk. Honestly, you’d be better using a sword.

Do I Have To Be A Good Guy In This Game?

Nope! And actually, that’s one of the more fun parts of this game, the ability to either go by the book or be a complete criminal and rude to everyone you meet. Doing the latter produces a different game and changes your interactions with the world. It can even stop you from going into certain stores. If you want a more challenging game, give it a try.

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