Kingdom Season 2 Review

Kingdom Season 2 came out with a bang. Within the first 30 seconds, you already saw hordes of zombies running at the main characters. Unlike the first season, it took a couple of episodes before they even appeared. One of the great things that they did with this season is they ended with a bang and then started with a bang for the new season. We still do not know the mystery companion’s name, but we do get to learn a bit more about his backstory and why he is where he is. A few important things happen throughout the story that does not relate to the zombies at all, but they were still heartbreaking none the less.

We had to say goodbye to a few key characters within the story. We also get to look into the Crown Princes’ heart. This season, he became a more likable character and went through some changes. Some of the other characters still have not gone through their character arch, but I believe there will be a third season for Kingdom. It left us, once again, with many questions that need to be answered.

One thing that I love about this series is how cool the Crown Prince is. Like the previous season, he has to fight hordes of zombies but then also struggle with his family for revenge. The Crown Prince always focuses on that moment and does not let one problem overcome his other issues. It is something that we would all wish in a leader, and he made a great one. The second season, as I said before, started with zombies but, as the story moves on, we lose sight of the zombies and focus on human vs. human problems.

But when the zombies come to the feast, they come in waves, and no one can even blink. It is such an exciting show. Korean dramas and horrors make EVERYTHING so scary and suck you in. It is one thing I love about watching Korean and Chinese dramas.  Kingdom Season 2 is mostly based around the drama of the family, a big part of it is also based around the nurse companion who makes it her goal to create a cure. Which, she does in this season! Have to watch to find out the cause of the outbreak and how to cure it if bitten.

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