Meredith Graves Launches ‘Honor Press’, Signs “So Stressed”

After serving duties as lead vocalist for one of the most refreshing and musically important noise-rock groups to come out of the New York punk scene in the last few years, Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy has added a new title to her ever evolving and ever impressive resume: creator and director of her very own Brooklyn, NY record label Honor Press.

Described as a “tiny record label and book publisher (and whatever else we want, really, ’cause we’re in charge)”, the label was founded by Meredith with the humble purpose of releasing “honest work made by nice people: no snobs, no phonies, no shitheads.”  To give a no bullshit source for real, refreshing and honest music that comes from the heart and is released without major label meddling or influence. And if their first signing is of any indication, they’re already well on their way to delivering on that promise.

rsz_so_stressedSo Stressed Band

Based out of Sacramento, CA and composed of three members, post-hardcore band So Stressed is the first act to be signed to the newly christened Honor Press. Set to be released May 26th, their début record The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art took an incredible two years to make, due to an extreme perfectionist philosophy by the trio, that lead to less than quality songs becoming completely discarded in the trash. With a sound that they describe best as “what’s happening inside your head when you wake up in the middle of the night sweating for no reason”, So Stressed are a band set to become a big hit for Honor Press and give them a big future as a home for honest and artistically daring musicians who challenge the music industry norms.

If you’ve lived under a rock and haven’t heard of Perfect Pussy, or if you would like to just experience ‘A Perfect Weekend’ of raw and honest punk rock, be sure to catch Perfect Pussy, So Stressed and many fantastic acts at Honor Press’s first ever A Perfect Weekend, happening this year from April 3rd to 4th at Baby’s All Right. Tickets may be purchased here.

Listen to So Stressed’s “Merv King and The Phantoms” HERE

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