MUSE Planning To Release 4K Concert Film


English rock band MUSE has revealed early plans to release an ultra-high-definition concert film of their recent performance at the Rome Olympic Stadium this past summer.

The footage, shot in ultra-high definition 4K will be the highest resolution concert ever shot and will be four times as powerful and as clear as the standard high definition format.

“Over the summer, we played this massive gig in Rome Olympic Stadium, that was probably the best gig of the year,” Bellamy said. “It’s gonna come out in 4K, which is the highest resolution concert ever shot. It’s four times more powerful than HD, so it’s like ridiculous detail. When you see the concert being filmed, you can see all the crowd, you can see their faces being filmed.”

While the band has yet to reveal their release plans for the upcoming film; Bellamy is hoping to have a limited US theatrical release (with showings at some IMAX theaters), sometime within the year.

Source: Rolling Stone

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