Sharon Silva Shares Debut First Single “Spitting Image”

Sharon Silva

Sharon Silva today shared her debut solo single “Spitting Image,” produced by Marshall Vore (Phoebe Bridgers) and featuring vocals from Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova). A chiming yet heart-rending reckoning with grief, change, and the past, the song is out now across all DSPs and can also be heard alongside its charming accompanying video, directed by Caitlin Gerard.

“‘Spitting Image’ is a song I wrote in stillness on the flight back from my mothers’ burial. It faces the startling confusion that accompanied my grief, and challenges the notion that we end up making the same mistakes as our parents. Come to find out that sometimes the wrong people present themselves at our most vulnerable moments, and here I am just thinking it over:

Saying my worst fear out loud to find the footing on my own track, or rather, for the video, in my own ring,” Silva explains. “The video was the vision of Caitlin Gerard, who wanted to portray the obstacles we face within ourselves, and how much strength you have to find to overcome loss. Don’t beat yourself up, kid.”

The Los Angeles-based Sharon Silva, known for her fiery vocals and anthemic melodies in The Wild Reeds, is at the helm of a new undertaking. After the loss of her mother to cancer, a new perspective emerged naturally, and by necessity, and she’s daring to carve out space for something different yet familiar.

A certain awareness of loss and refining experiences comes through in her music, but the listener leaves a little lighter. It’s the feeling of telling a hard truth to someone close—and feeling better for it.

Sharon Silva is currently working on a full-length debut album alongside producer Ryan Pollie in Eagle Rock, CA.

‘Spitting Image’ single artwork

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