[AltWire Video Interview] Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way

The music industry is a volatile place. Fraught with horror stories of bands owing millions in advances, not receiving royalties, and having their music modified from the original product, many musicians are finding out firsthand what it is like to be trapped in an ugly contract that benefits their label more than it does the artist themselves. In a scene where these stories have become all too commonplace, perhaps no artist is more aware of these pitfalls than the Las Vegas-based rock group Adelitas Way.

Despite being signed to one of the largest labels in the world for eight years; the four-piece rock group has never once had any of their three records released in Europe or overseas, a move they feel has kept them from realizing their true commercial potential. Left to watch helplessly as their peers achieved the success they were robbed of, the four members of Adelitas Way finally took matters into their own hands, making their fourth record a completely fan-funded attempt.

Their new EP Deserve This (due out March 17th) is not funded or promoted by what they refer to as “dinosaur corporate suits”.  Instead, Adelitas Way is part of a small group of rock musicians that are now leading the charge, taking their music back into their own hands and away from the grasp of major labels.

We recently spoke to lead vocalist Rick DeJesus in the Green Room of the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA before their set on the Sno-Core Tour. In his fiery interview with AltWire, Rick came ready to bare his soul, delivering an indictment towards an industry that he feels has turned its back on rock music. Frustrated over major labels declaring “Rock is Dead”, Rick delivered his argument for “fan-funded” vs major label, and put forth an impassioned plea for his fellow musicians to see the light and ‘keep rock alive’.

Check it out below, and pre-order Deserve This here:

Watch our interview with Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way Below:

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