This Week’s Rock/Hard Rock/Metal/Hardcore Releases

December 12th

BaronessMorningstar [Picture Disc]
BaronessTry To Disappear [Picture Disc]

December 15th

AnathemaThe Silent Enigma [Picture Disc]
Asking AlexandriaAsking Alexandria
Autopsy – Puncturing The Grotesque EP
Black WailChromium Homes
CalibanMemoirs (2009-2017) [Box Set]
ColosseumChapter 1: Delirium [Vinyl]
ColosseumChapter 2: Numquam [Vinyl]
ColosseumChapter 3: Parasomnia [Vinyl]
Cult Of LunaCult Of Luna [Vinyl]
De La MuerteVenganza
Destroyer 666 Cold Steel…For An Iron Age [Vinyl]
Destroyer666 Phoenix Rising [Vinyl]
EnslavedBlodhemn [Vinyl]
EnslavedEld [Vinyl]
EnslavedFrost [Vinyl]
EnslavedMardraum [Vinyl]
EnslavedMonumension [Vinyl]
FireburnDon’t Stop The Youth [Vinyl]
For All EternityThe Will To Rebuild
Gloam Hex Of Nine Heads
House Of Low Culture/Daniel Menche/Caustic Touch/EMSSplit
IhsahnAfter [Reissue]
IhsahnAngL [Reissue]
IhsahnDas Seelenbrechen [Reissue]
IhsahnEremita [Reissue]
IhsahnThe Adversary [Reissue]
Linkin Park One More Light Live
Lucifer’s HammerVictory Is Mine
MidnightSweet Death And Ecstasy
Mist Of MiseryFields Of Isolation
NupraptorThe Heresiarch
One King DownBloodlust Revenge (20th Anniversary Edition)
Ruin Drown In Blood
SólstafirSvartir Sandar [Vinyl]
The 3rd AttemptEgocidal Path

December 17th

Left To VanishDethroned

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