Popular ‘Your Favorite Martian’ Returns June 1st!

Your Favorite MartianSource: Your Favorite Martian Wiki

The return of Your Favorite Martian is nigh! Ray William Johnson, the creator of the popular animated band, has announced its return on his official YouTube. The comeback date was also revealed: June 1st.

Your Favorite Martian was YouTube’s most subscribed music channel at its peak. Their off-the-wall sense of humor resonated with their enormous fan base, which drove them to over 1 million sales on iTunes. Additionally, their videos were seen by millions of people. But one day, the project was closed, and Your Favorite Martian retired.

So what happened? Did Ray get abducted and become a martian himself? Not quite. Instead, this was due to a dispute between Ray and the network he was affiliated with, Maker Studios, which led to the Your Favorite Martian project becoming retired, and the album they had been working on for over a year being canceled.

Ray went into detail over what happened with the album a decade ago in response to fans:

“Unfortunately, YFM was canceled long before we were able to make an album. We wrote a little and kicked some ideas around, but we hadn’t officially started recording. There is no super-secret amazing album hidden away in some vault, as cool as that would be.”

However, if that were all, it would be a letdown for fans who have been waiting ten years for new music. Thankfully, Ray had something else in mind:

“That was 10 years ago, and we’re better writers now anyway. So I guess we’ll just have to give you fresh new music on June 1st then. Hope that’s okay :)”.

The new music is slated to be a part of a big project called the Martian Multiverse, likely a tongue-in-cheek homage to the multiverses found within Spiderman: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We will provide more information as it becomes available. Till then, who is excited for some new Your Favorite Martian?

Watch Ray’s announcement below:

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