Yours Truly Premieres Great New 2022 Single “Lights On”

Yours Truly

Sydney-based Yours Truly has released its new single and music video “Lights On.” The song is a high-energy alternative track that showcases the band’s signature sound.

Vocalist Mikaila had the following to say about the track:

‘Lights On’ is about challenging the way you view yourself and how much that is influenced by other people. Doing impulsive things to come off as adventurous and fun while you feel like you’re falling apart behind the scenes. I find it interesting when someone says “You’re not who I expected you to be” and when you sit with that for a while you start to think “what do I look like to others? Who am I to myself?” I figured out during this pandemic that being alone with your thoughts is where you truly begin to unpack who you are to your core,” she explains.

I discovered that a lot of my identity is linked to being in this band. Naturally, it’s not a glamorous process, but it’s recognizing that you can’t hide behind some story you made up to tell some stranger when you’re out drunk because the only person you are living with is yourself.”

Yours Truly made waves with their 2019 EP Afterglow, which saw them play at Download UK, Riot Fest, and Good Things. They’d also appear on Sum 41 and State Champs’ global tours as support acts. In 2020, the group released its full-length Self Care, which earned them Triple J’s Feature Album and Tone Deaf’s Record Of The Week, as well as nominations for best new artist by some publications. Late last year, the band released “Walk On My Grave”. “Lights On” continues the band’s updated sound, and is an exciting glimpse at what’s to come.

Yours Truly Is:
Mikaila Delgado – vocals
Teddie Winder-Haron – guitar
Lachlan Cronin – guitar
Brad Cronan – drums
For More Information, please visit:
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