May 2017


[Concert Review] Milestones At Mavericks

You know it is going to be a great show when the first opening act on the bill kills it from the moment they come to stage. Milestones did exactly this, making the most of their 7  p.m. set at Mavericks. Evening light bounced off the riverfront and glowed through the venue’s skylights as this long-haired British five […]


[Concert Review] Knuckle Puck at Mavericks

As Knuckle Puck burst onto the stage at Mavericks, frontman Joe Taylor let free the opening lyrics to “Disdain.” The words “I’ve got a lot to talk about!” rushed from his throat and rang through the venue, finding his voice joined by hundreds of screaming fans who could relate to every feeling. Knuckle Puck brought […]