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Jimmy Eat World at Saint Andrew’s Hall 9/11/22: Concert Photos and Recap

How To Create Alt-Mixes/Cutdowns fo...

On September 11th, 2022, Jimmy Eat World played a show at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI, USA. The show was part of the band’s Something Loud tour, which shares a name with the single they released earlier this year.  The tour has been an enormous success so far, and for those who were lucky […]


Sierra Miles: Inside Her Powerful Reinvention

Everyone has vivid memories of how their lives changed drastically when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. Many people began to work from home and avoid socializing, while lockdowns became the standard. But for Sierra Miles, a 20-year-old New Jersey singer, it also meant rediscovering her voice amid all of that upheaval and freely expressing herself without […]


AltWire X Bad Ghosts Collaboration

Hi folks! Today marks an exciting new announcement for AltWire, in the form of a brand new collaboration with indie horror author/video game reviewer Bad Ghosts! Bad Ghosts will feature original horror short stories (both written, and narrated), whilst also tackling video game reviews typically in the horror or indie genre. See the new review […]


Happy Juneteenth! – Our Racial Experiences

Alana Rodriguez – AltWire Staff Contributor Since I became aware at a young age that people saw me as different because of the color of my skin, how I feel about race has been complicated. My dad is of black, Native American, and unknown European descent. My mother’s father’s parents emigrated from Italy around 1910 […]