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On January 27, 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with the members of The Intracoastals as they were opening up for Ballyhoo! at New Smyrna Beach, Florida’s Beachside Tavern.

With their reggae-surf-rock style, they’ve gained some local celebrity status and very soon they’ll be sharing stages with some of the biggest names in reggae music.

They took the time to speak to the Altwire family, shortly after their stellar set.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: For those who haven’t yet heard of you, can you please tell us a little about yourself, your musical style and any other fun facts?

Scott Lonker: It all started when I gathered up a group of local musicians to try and make a little money, we wrote songs, learned some covers and began to play shows around town. We quickly realized that it’s not about the money, spreading good vibes and giving people a high energy show was so much more fulfilling. Zach Frutchey (drums), Chad Greco (keys) and I restructured the band by recruiting a new lead guitarist (Jahmin Shaman), shirtless bass player (Captain) and a percussionist (Beater) and since then everything clicked. We all put in our efforts wherever we can and when we all focus on one common goal nothing is impossible. We’ve been truly blessed with the local support and opportunities that have come our way.

Captain (Matt Cicero): We’re a reggae inspired beach-rock band that brings a strong party vibe to our live shows, we all come from totally different musical backgrounds and have a very wide variety of influences.

Fun fact…I can clap with one hand.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: Was music a part of your life growing up? 

Captain: Music has been so important to me through my entire life. From tapping my foot along with my dad while he sang his acoustic songs to me as a baby, all through high school and as an adult, music has always been there for me.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What’s your writing process like?

Captain: We all have slightly different writing processes and the magic shows when we bring it to all together. I prefer to sit down with a delicious adult beverage, pen and paper, and get inspired by 6 acoustic strings. While Scott has the superpower of writing a brand new song on the spot and often while we’re on stage. Usually we get the meat and potatoes of a song together before we bring it to the rehearsal studio, but many of our songs originated from a free for all jam at the beginning of a practice.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: How do you decide which songs go into your compilations and which don’t? 

Captain: We have a round table, everyone in the band has their opinions on what are good ideas, what are great ideas, and which ideas should never be mentioned again…. and we all take the time to listen to each other so we can get the best results out of this band.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What have been your most unusual/strangest experiences while on tour or during a show?

Captain: Unusual happenings are a norm for us, which I guess makes the peculiar somewhat a staple. We like to have fun and we want that vibe to permeate everyone around us.

Ps- all the stories are true.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What do you miss the most when you’re on tour? 

Captain: Being on tour is amazing, by the end of a run our cheeks are hurting from all the laughter and shenanigans. Family is so important to us all and an easy thing to miss when we’re on the road, it’s never easy to leave them behind and we’re always excited to get back home to them. Right behind them, I’d say our own personal beds would be a close second on what we miss most while away from home.

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AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What personal hobbies do you enjoy when you’re home or off the stage?

Captain: If I’m not with the boys I’m usually out on my boat in the beautiful Mosquito Lagoon flats. I run a fishing charter and thoroughly enjoy providing memories that last a lifetime.

Beater (Matt Jamison): I would say my hobbies outside of music would be fishing, surfing and anything else that has to do with water. I enjoy putting time and effort into my garden and my favorite thing is spending time with my wonderful family!

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What advice would you give up and coming artists?

Beater: My advice for upcoming artist would be to be yourself and let the inner you shine. I feel if you stay true to who you are,  people will love you for it, they will see your passion for what you do on, or off-stage.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What is the greatest advice you’ve ever received that has helped you in your career? 

Captain: The most useful piece of advice I got from one of my personal influences was that playing on stage is about 1% of what being in a band is all about. We spend all this time perfecting what we do and in the blink of an eye the song is done, the show is over and the venue is empty.  The moral being; don’t take yourself too seriously, smile and have fun with it. Enjoy the in between time because most of what being in a band is – is in between time.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: What’s in store for the near future? 

Captain: We are trying to accomplish our goals grassroots style, gearing up for an east coast tour and working on a self recorded album, #NotBadForAnIPad. We’re hoping to have it debut in the spring.

Beater: I see our selves not only spreading positivity and happiness to our fans but growing stronger as a family of musicians.

AltWire [Omayra Lopez]: Is there a message you would like to send to your fans and our readers? 

Captain: #message! Spread the love! Smile! Have a little too much fun! Love your neighbors and be a good human!

Beater: I want our fans to know that they hold a huge part in our success and we are thankful for all of their support along the way. We will do everything we can to always put them in our hearts, because they are such a huge part of the success of The Intracoastals.


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