Dub-321 – Guilty Murderer (feat. Howi Spangler)


In 2017, while still incarcerated during work release while in transition from a 4-year prison sentence, the Altwire family had the pleasure of connecting with Space Coast-based Florida band Dub-321, now solely comprised of their lead frontman, Miles Galli, whose musical style is an eclectic mix of reggae, hip hop and punk. You can read that interview here.

This year, among many notable acts, Miles has collaborated with Ballyhoo! ‘s lead singer, Howi Spangler, on the upcoming single, Guilty Murderer, to be released on November 17.

This jam has a mellow, upbeat guitar tune that brings out the signature East Coast reggae-rock style that both bands are well known for, along with their unique vocals to make an individual reflect on the slow death sentence of an already toxic relationship when there’s substance abuse thrown into the mix. 

On the process of writing and production, Miles shared;

“I used to listen to The Struggle by Ballyhoo! on repeat during my opiate addiction, trying to find the strength to make it through another day… and how then I would have never thought I’d end up going to prison for 4 years, get clean, continue chasing my dreams and eventually link up on a collab with their lead singer, Howi Spangler. I wrote most of the song while I was in prison, and I approached Howi about doing the song together about a year ago. He agreed it was a good song, and I sent him a scratch track of me performing the song acoustic with just my guitar and voice to a tempo click track. He then built all the instrumentation around my scratch track, I re-did my vocals for him, and then he finished it up by doing his verse and all the mixing/production. It took about a year to complete, but I know Howi is a super busy dude. I’m very grateful He saw something in me and wanted to work with me. It’s humbling.”

If you love music and like to explore a variety of styles, this is a great track to add to your summer playlist. If you’re already a fan of East Coast Rock, you won’t be disappointed! 

Since his release from prison in 2018, Miles has made incredible strides by opening up for major reggae acts like Stephen Marley, Florida music festival appearances, and a full-length album, Fashionably Late, released this spring featuring Bumpin Uglies and Kaleidoscope Kid, Reminding us that there is life after addiction and incarceration.

If you or someone you know has dealt with substance abuse and want to get sober or are struggling to stay sober, Miles shared this heartfelt message;

“Keep your mind and heart open to the idea of God. Had I not humbled myself as a 30-year-old drug-addicted atheist and never said that prayer to Christ in my jail cell in 2014, I don’t know that I’d be able to say that I’ll have 10 years off the needle this March. I tried to quit every which way I knew how on my own, and I just couldn’t seem to accomplish it no matter how hard I tried. It wasn’t until I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior that I found the strength to forgive myself of my past, leave it behind me completely, and move forward with spiritual awareness and confidence. That would be my most raw and honest advice to a struggling addict.”

Dub-321 has a new booking agent, with a 2nd East Coast tour in the works for 2024. Stay tuned for dates in a city near you! 







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