December 2021


OnlyTheSiah: Interview

I had the privilege to get to know, Josiah Cameron artistically known as OnlyTheSiah. Born and raised in the Oklahoma City area of Oklahoma, currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland, he’s ready to take on the world with his thought-provoking bars! Hi, my name is Omayra, with Altwire. Thank you for taking the time to […]


Quantic Dream Games: A Quick Guide (2022)

Quantic Dream is a video game studio known throughout the industry for its innovative gameplay and storytelling. The company has produced many games with varying styles since its opening 24 years ago (1997). Some of the more popular Quantic Dream games are Heavy Rain (2010), Beyond: Two Souls (2013), and Detroit: Become Human (2018). In […]


Omikron: Not The Virus, But The Video Game

Omikron, Not Omnicron The 1999 video game Omikron: The Nomad Soul is an epic adventure game and a cult classic in gaming. With the 2021 COVID-19 omicron variant in the news, many gamers have been thinking about this video game as of late. This is due to conspiracy theories stating that Bill Gates was involved […]


Spotify Wrapped 2021: A Reaction

Spotify Wrapped is an annual year-end tradition on Spotify where the service re most popular songs and artists of the year are revealed. You can find out your top artists on Spotify or see what was trending this year. In years past, I’d see Linkin Park as my top artist for the year, but 2021 was a […]