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I had the privilege to get to know, Josiah Cameron artistically known as OnlyTheSiah. Born and raised in the Oklahoma City area of Oklahoma, currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland, he’s ready to take on the world with his thought-provoking bars! Hi, my name is Omayra, with Altwire. Thank you for taking the time to allow us to get to know you and your music! First off, what was the main inspiration that led you to become a musician?

OnlyTheSiah: My interest in performing peaked from the attention I received when I made a Facebook rap about my father passing away, and everyone liked it. It was then that I craved the need to help people who have gone through similar issues and can relate to the things I speak about. I make music because I don’t believe there is a better place to face my problems than inside the studio. I make music because I am able to speak freely. The best part about making music is when people can perceive my message and learn something from it. 

I make music because it was the only place I felt safe after my father died. I make music because it’s the only thing that is real anymore. So one day, everyone will hear my message and prosper from it.

I released my first album, “Character Development,” this year. My latest single is “Helium.”

OnlyTheSiah-1 Was music a significant part of your life growing up?

OnlyTheSiah: Yes, I performed my first song when I was about 10 years old and recorded videos of me rapping on Facebook since I was about 14. I used to rap a lot, then transitioned to a more vocal pop-type style at 17. 

I practice singing every day. Music became a significant part of my life when I was 13 because it helped me find light in very dark places in my life. Around that time, I experienced loss at a young age when my uncle, who suffered from PTSD after combat, committed suicide. 

I began to want to raise more attention for suicide awareness. Music helped me overcome drug addiction and the product of losing my father to drug addiction. I’ve always wanted something that everyone could be a part of.

OnlyTheSiah-2 With the challenges you’ve had to face at such a young age, what message of encouragement can you give to anyone going through similar struggles?

OnlyTheSiah: I hope that anyone who perceives my message gains the knowledge and the ability to see problems as blessings in disguise and realize that not everything is an admonishment. Instead, everything is an opportunity for growth.  Thank you so much for your transparency in sharing such vulnerability. We’re excited to see where your musical journey leads! Before we close, is there a message you want to send to our readers, your loved ones, and fans? 

OnlyTheSiah: You can choose to see the world how you want to see it. Loss will follow you if you decide to find admonishment within your discontent. Choose to rise up above your current circumstances and find growth opportunities within them all. Bad news is good news in disguise. You never know what opportunity awaits because, above all else, everyone is human. Why could they achieve what you cannot? So don’t falter in your mistakes. Rise up. It’s the only way. 

My official website is in the works. So be on the lookout for my upcoming singles on all streaming platforms! 

Listen to OnlyTheSiah:


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