[Album Review] Ambush Vin – Fandom Tape Vol. I

Watching an individual combine two things they truly love to craft something fresh and new can be exhilarating to witness. Especially two things that do not blend based on popular opinion. Ambush Vin accomplishes the task on Fandom Tape Vol. I giving us the perfect fusion of Sci-Fi Hip-Hop.

Fandom Tape Vol. I meshes urban and Sci-Fi concepts together in a way that has never been seen before making Nerd-Core accessible to an audience who may have brushed the genre aside initially. Over bolstering beats Ambush glides his lyrical brush to paint images many of us are acquainted with from our childhood while introducing us to some we were not aware of.

In the opening tracks of the release we are faced with the question, can there be Nerd-Core without Ambush? Ambush backs this with his own words in “Powerman” stating, “I am Nerd-Core” solidifying he is not afraid to go toe to toe with any one who challenges his place. Ambush has spent enough time on his pen game to make sure his polished production was not the only thing receiving rave reviews. Every track is a lyrical onslaught giving us glimpses into parts of Ambush’s life, things he enjoys, and even his views of the world we live in examples being “Secret Wars”, “Sci-Fi Music”, and “The Bad Guy” .

Artist love to introduce listeners to ideas or lifestyles not always acknowledged in the mainstream. It is our job as a listener to hear the artist out and see if we can find some common ground or understanding. One of the stand out tracks on the release brings Cosplay to the listeners ears with a modern beat and hook making the track radio ready while still staying true to who Ambush is and honoring what he loves and respects. The track will leave the listener with a feeling of respect and curiosity to possibly delve into the realm Ambush opens our eyes to.

Fandom Tape Vol. I is not only a Nerd-Core release, it is a proclamation to the Hip-Hop world that the sub genre is thriving, and is not to be taken lightly in comparison to trap, gangster rap, and backpack rap.

Stand Out Tracks: “The Bad Guy” “Why Cosplay” “Apokolips” “Sun Tzu”

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