Album Review: Siddharta – Infra

Hailing from Slovenia, Siddharta was formed in 1995 by Tomi Meglič (vocals, guitar), Primož Benko (guitar, support vocals), Primož Majerič (bass), and Boštjan Meglič (drums). Although they’ve quickly gained momentum since their first performance on the 17th of March that year, their music careers didn’t kick-start until 1997 when they made their first appearance on national television.

Since then, the alternative rock band has undergone several changes as they’ve grown in numbers, thus leading to a slight change in style. This is particularly evident in their new album release of “Infra” on June 12th. Although their music is still heavily dependent on guitar and drums, the piano seems to hold more of a significant role overall throughout several of the album’s tracks.

The overall sound throughout the album isn’t quite consistent as most of the tracks are substantially different from one another in terms of style, with the exception of the vocals. Although Meglič’s voice isn’t notably incredible, it mixes very well with the instruments to the point where it can even be hypnotic and soothing. The melodies of the songs are simultaneously exciting and mesmeric, an odd combination that can be difficult to execute given the opposing natures of the two. Siddharta seems to be able to do this with ease, however, despite the intense force the band sometimes evokes. Even though the lyrics are in Slovene, passionate emotions can be felt from both the vocals and instruments. With the mood quickly set, depending on the piece, it can just as easily change in abrupt manners from a quick pace to a lethargic one.

Siddharta’s recent album release of “Infra” demonstrates the band’s versatility in both style and performance, making this album a strong addition to their discography. Although there is always room for growth, the band has proven that they are well-rounded and continue to remain strong.

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