Fear Inoculum Review: A New Twist For Tool

Fear Inoculum

After 13 long years, the wait is finally over… but was it worth it? We review Tool’s Fear Inoculum.

Tool’s newest album Fear Inoculum just came out on Friday, August 30. Upon first listening, it felt far different from their past pieces. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I’m sure it made a handful of die-hard fans a little upset. At points in certain songs there were hints of their old sound, but mixed with a slightly newer spin.

The best way I can describe this album would be a combination of stoner metal, electronic rock and a bit of classic Tool. I have been listening to it on and off for a solid day so far and I can confidently say I am not in love with it, but it is not a bad album. I must admit, I expected slightly more vocals, but the instrumental was still pretty good.

“Chocolate Chip Trip” was certainly a trip. It gave me a “ride through the galaxy” kind of vibe. Similar to a few other songs on the album, it feels like it should be used in a Sci-Fi film or TV show. The album can be compared to a more modern or futuristic Rush with less lyrics.

The song “7empest” may have been 15 minutes and 45 seconds long but it felt far from it.

I actually ended up listening to it again shortly after I had just listened to it and I listened to it yet again the next morning. “Descending” felt like an adventure video game background song, meant to hype you up while you explore a deserted island further into the song. When it first begins it feels like you’re looking out a window on a rainy day. Some songs took you on a futuristic journey.

It was definitely different from their usual material, but not necessarily in a bad way. While listening to this 87 minute long album, I have come to the conclusion that it would be excellent to listen to as background music or on a long trip. Some songs on this album are good for when you feel the need to look inward, but the rest of the album is a collection of fun, electronic rock instrumental songs – which can be good too but it doesn’t completely sit right with songs like “Descending.” The album is on the whole an emotional rollercoaster with a mixture of tracks that could be played at parties, and songs for being alone in your room.

Fear Inoculum is certainly a new twist for Tool.

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