Album Review: Wolfbrigade – ‘Run With The Hunted’

Of all the punk and metal subgenres to come out of Europe, lycanthro-punk (or werewolf punk) has to one of the more intriguing. Within this obscure genre,  the Swedish group Wolfbrigade has been successfully touring and releasing music worldwide since 1995. Their ninth full-length album, ‘Run With The Hunted’ , coming out April 28  is sure to please fans of the genre but also has a few standout tracks that will attract fans of broader punk and metal genres.

The album takes a classic punk format – an anthemic intro, followed by a series of short and speedy tracks that stay mosh-worthy and passionate. “Nomad Pack” introduces the groups aggressive  sound, evoking the foaming at the mouth, howling at the moon anger and emotion lycanthro-punk embodies. Wolfbrigade matches growling, deep vocals with pissed-off classic punk riffs establishing a carnal sound and blending metal and punk almost seamlessly.

There are two real standout tracks on this record that might appeal to first time listeners this summer. “Kallocain” is the groups ode to dystopian Swedish literature. It is deeply inspired by totalitarian political climates and monotonous, futuristic horror. It ventures into weird, dissonant places and utilizes distorted catchy hooks. As the only longer format song on the album, it works.

Under the Bell is another song on this record that works. It has a classic feel, with 80s skatepark guitars, and a shredder solo. It is the kind of skill executed in these solos that sets the band apart, making them leaders of their sub-genre and a standout in a pool of so called obscure European rock bands. It is driven, fun tracks like this that make a band different.

Werewolf punk is aggro, lawless, unleashed music. It has a dark, anti-establishment vibe that says punk hasn’t died, it has just sent its haunting spirit around the world. Be sure to check out “Run With The Hunted” April 28 and let us know what you think of their sound.

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