AltWire Fast Five – Pop Rock/Indie (Week of 01/20/2019)

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up to start your day. That’s where Fast Five comes in. Compromised of bite sized playlists, updated every weekday (Monday through Friday), “the five” gives you a taste of the best in music right now, featuring tracks from a different genre each day. See our picks below for our favorite pop-rock/indie songs of the week.

Yours Truly – Circles

Every once in a while we stumble across a band, that are so infectious and so polished that we find ourselves astonished they haven’t yet broken into the mainstream. Australian based band Yours Truly is one of those acts. With an undeniable Paramore influence, Yours Truly masters the art of pop-punk every bit as good as their American contemporaries, with vocalist Mikaila Delgado’s mind-blowing vocal range soaring over this absolute gem of a track. Put these Aussies on your radar, for this band is going places.


Young Culture – 21 Days

Harking back to the early 2000s glory days of pop-punk when bands like New Found Glory dominated the airwaves on MTV, Young Culture‘s “21 Days” has a sound that is simultaneously fresh, yet familiar. A wonderful throwback to the glory days of pop-punk, this track will leave you both nostalgic, and wanting more from this incredibly talented young band.


Hold Close – Tropical Depression

A slow introspective ballad that may first sound like a breakup song at first listen, but is actually about the impact of being depressed in a relationship, and how mental illness can impact others, even if it’s not their fault. In this emotionally impactful track, Hold Close reminds us of why it’s important not to give up on those who are struggling, or allow your depression to swallow you whole.


The Candescents – Grass

Right now in the Northeastern United States (where The Candescents are from), we are in the middle of a brutally cold winter that has seen some areas get temperatures all the way down in the teens – or in the negatives if you go by Celsius! Such an uncomfortable freeze would make anybody miserable, but you wouldn’t know it based off of the The Candescents’ “Grass”, a sunny summertime track with such warm vibes you’d think the boys came from the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica as opposed to the frozen northeast. For those who can’t afford a trip out west, this track may be the next best thing!


Car Astor – Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak

Okay, perhaps this track is more ‘electro-rock’ than it is pop-rock, but it’s far too good of a jam to leave out of our playlists for this week, so we made room for it and we’re glad we did! “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak” shows Car Astor at her most creatively unrestrained,  over an industrial style back beat that sounds like the lovechild of Orgy & Garbage. This is an awesome track that (as Car Astor herself so perfectly put it) “brings in some amazing early 2000’s vibes”.

Listen to the playlist below and follow Altwire for more

all photos from Spotify / Genius

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