[AltWire Interview] Chris Boomer

Chris Boomer

Well known for his collaboration on SOJA’s massive hit “You and Me”, Chris Boomer had his first breakthrough into the reggae scene back in 2010.

Co-written and performed in collaboration with their frontman, Jacob Hemphill, the success of “You and Me” would lead to Chris releasing his first EP in 2011, I Am Who I Am; a release that would bring heart tugging tracks like “I Know How”, which reflects on the memories of a lost love, and questioning your identity in its aftermath.

The title track of Boomer’s first full-length album, Who Truly Cares makes one reflect on the shape this world is in with the question the song implies, by questioning not just whether or not our world leaders truly care, but our friends and family as well. Featuring the talents of West Coast reggae stars like Anuhea, and Bo Napoleon, this gem is a great addition to your reggae playlist.

His recent collaboration with Texas-based reggae band, The San Antones, “Good Morning” reminds us to thank the Most High for the simple things in life that are often taken for granted.

I’m super excited that he took the time to chat with our team!

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: Could you please tell us about yourself, your musical style, and your time on the scene?

Chris Boomer: My name is Chris Boomer, I’m from the island of Guahan (Guam) located in south Pacific Ocean in the Marianas. I like to think that I evolved through all music! I try to apply a little bit of everything that inspires me throughout my growth.

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: Who were the musical influences that inspired your career?

Chris Boomer: First of all the most high because without H.I.M none would be possible. That being said; growing up watching my Father play music, I think that was very influential, of course, Bob Marley, but more unusual is that Lucky Dube has got to take the cake as far as inspiration. I was listening to them before I discovered Bob Marley strangely!

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: Was music prevalent in your life growing up?

Chris Boomer: Yes and No. I grew up on the street so there were times in my life where I didn’t even pay attention to music. But through loss and germination, I was steered into a path that became unclear. The only thing that was there for me when no one could be there for me was music; So I guess it took me a while to realize that this was what I was meant to do that was pure positive. Music ended up being the driving force in my life.

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: What was the writing process like for Who Truly Cares, how did you decide which songs went into the album and which did not?

Chris Boomer: It started with “Who Truly Cares” and then everything kinda just fell into place. I know I wanted to release a full-length album because my first was just an extended play (EP) so my goal was 10 songs, everything else fell into place.

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: It’s been almost 10 years since your collaboration with SOJA on “You and Me”, do you see yourself collaborating in the studio again with the band in the near future?

Chris Boomer: They’re my brothers so I believe that there is a big possibility, then again they’ve done so much for me and my music career and life. For that, I respect them to the fullest to try and not overstay my welcome. As a figure of speaking, as far as adding to their already busy schedule, what will be will be!

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: What are some things that you enjoy outside of the stage or recording studio?

Chris Boomer: Surfing and basketball basically, if I’m not writing or creating.

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: What message you would like to send your fans and our readers?

Chris Boomer: Humanity over ignorance and growth over comfort!

Altwire [Omayra Lopez]: Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview with our Altwire family!




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