Interview: Dorian Cooke of Broadside


Editor’s Note: This interview with Dorian Cooke of Broadside was conducted via email. Questions and answers may have been cleaned up for grammar and clarity, however, the content has not been altered.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. For our readers who may not have heard of you, can you tell me your names, and anything else you’d like us to know?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: My name is Dorian, and I play guitars and sing in the band Broadside.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: You recently released your second album “Paradise.” What has the reaction been like from the fans?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: It was much more than we anticipated, we wanted to write a record that challenged us creatively so I’m really appreciative people are enjoying something we worked so hard on.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: What was the writing process like for your second album? How has your sound evolved since you first started as a band? What was it like working with Kyle Black?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: I think Kyle helped turn us into a real band with a real sound. To be real the first record we walked in with we had so many different sounds and direction ideas. He helped trim the edges and channel us into a more unified group. He’s great to work with.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: Since you paired with Kyle (who is also New Found Glory and All Time Low’s Producer) are there any chances for musical collaborations with those bands or other artists that he’s worked with?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: I’d like to think that that’s possible. We haven’t exercised that idea as of yet, but I think we’re really going to start branching out in the future.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: You’re about to tour in the U.K. Do you have any future tours back in the U.S.? What are some bands you’d like to go on the road with?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: Nothing we can share just yet but definitely some cool US stuff in the future. We would love to do a tour with Neck Deep, that band is dope.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: How do you determine what songs go on your setlists? Do you switch it up between your new music and your first album/ E.P.?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: We rotate between new Paradise and Old Bones a lot. We think it’s been a good amount of time to let the record marinate so we can tour with lots of new stuff in the setlist.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: What was it like being named “Musician of the Month” by Alternative Press? What was that experience like for the band?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: That was insane to me, especially seeing all the talented people that have gotten it in the past. We were all stoked, can’t thank AP enough for how sweet they are (heart emoji)

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: Does the band have any side projects going on at the moment?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: We all have side projects of our own, between other bands/ music / producing / or poetry we love to stay creative as often as possible.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: I love that Broadside’s main message to the fans is to never stop chasing your dreams and to get to your Paradise. What advice would you have for any upcoming musicians who are trying to break out into the industry?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: I suggest spending a decent amount of money on decent recordings and producers, you get what you pay for and good quality goes a long way. Be very smart when it comes to who you work with.

[Samantha Warren/AltWire]: Any last words?

Dorian Cooke/Broadside: Thanks for anyone that’s ever picked up any record from us, we love writing music and being able to share a feeling or a moment through a pair of headphones for a second. See everyone on the road soon!

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