What Are AltWire Listening To? Week of March 8th

Welcome, friends, to another brand new weekly AltWire series!

We here at AltWire are all (unsurprisingly) huge fans of music, so every Sunday we’d like to put our heads together for a ‘What Are AltWire Listening To?’ – Simply put, every week we share our most listened to album of the week with a little commentary from ourselves, just in case we can convince you to check out our albums of the week!

What is Jessie Lopez listening to?

Artist: Wage War
Album: Pressure (2019)
Genre: Metalcore

“This album is really everything I look for when it comes to what I enjoy in metal. From the more meaningful tracks that I can really relate to like “Will We Ever Learn” to “Low” and “Take The Fight” that get me hype and ready to go after vocalist Briton Bond drops that ‘blech’. I will most likely have this album on repeat for a few weeks and keep coming back to it.”

What is Derek Oswald listening to?

Artist: Justice
Album: Cross (2007)
Genre: Electronic/House

“I’ve been spending much of my time this week revisiting Justice‘s 2007 album Cross (self-titled on digital platforms), as it’s always been one of my favorites. The crunchy bass lines of “Genesis” and “Let There Be Light” helped shape and inspire and shape my sound as an electronic artist, and continue to do so 13 years after the release of this record. With almost 400 albums being sampled for use on Cross, I consider it to be the electronic music equivalent of Paul’s Boutique. Justice are heroes of mine, and this is a truly fantastic album!”

What is Elysant Avery listening to?

Artist: Eminem
Album: Kamikaze (2018)
Genre: (Hip-hop)

“The Kamikaze album by Eminem is one of my favorites. It has an old school feel that Eminem had seemed to be lacking in his last few albums but, he came out fighting with this one. Eminem is known to be one of the most incredible lyricists in our time, and this album showcases his talent and wordplay. To me, this is a breakout album we have been waiting for from him. He doesn’t care what others think or who he disses; this album is just Eminem, not caring, and doing what he does best.”

What is Mark Stoneman listening to?

Artist: Brian Reitzell
Album: Hannibal Season 3 Volume 2 OST (2015)
Genre: Soundtrack

“In my recent creative writing I’ve needed to tap into the kind of material that fits a certain horror/thriller mood. With the subject material being darker in direction, I usually turn to one of three albums: the heart-breaking Buckethead album Pike 13, the brilliant Akira Yamaoka masterpiece Silent Hill 2 OST, or (more recently) Brian Reitzell’s stunning Hannibal Season 3 Volume 2 OST. As a huge fan of the series, the album holds a special place in my heart. As a writer, it’s an invaluable source of inspiration for the darkest corners of my head.”

Until next Sunday, that’s it for What Are AltWire Listening To? – why not share with us your most listened to album of the week with a little comment of your own?

Thanks for reading!

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