AltWire Review: RIVALS – Low (Video)

New band RIVALS who have already been making a name for themselves with their unique cover of Twenty One Pilots Heathens and touring with bands like Story Untold. The California three-piece has released an outstanding new song Low as the first single off of their highly anticipated debut album Damned Soul. RIVALS have also been making waves with their exuberant live show which led to a spot on the renowned Vans Warped Tour in 2014

The quality and confidence displayed by RIVALS is uncommon in such a young band, and it that raw energy which makes them stand out from their peers.  The simple yet aesthetic music video for Low lets the song speak for itself, while energetic frontwoman Kalie Wolfe showcases flawless vocal dexterity and electric stage presence. The blend of synth and pop-punk style guitar is seamless, clearly evidencing their talent.

The lyrics to Low are reminiscent of bands like My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World, full of dark introspection mixed up with hopeful defiance. Rivals sound has taken a distantly softer and more accessible direction compared to the Haunted|Hunted EP, but without losing any of their vibrancy and they still lean very much on the rock side of dark-pop-rock genre niche they’ve placed themselves in. In the unlikely event that fans weren’t already immensely excited for Damned Soul, they sure will be after hearing Low.

Damned Soul is set for release 2nd February 2018 via Smartpunk Records.



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