Angels And Airwaves Release New Single ‘The Wolfpack’

Angels And Airwaves have recently released a second single entitled, ‘The Wolfpack’, off their upcoming album, ‘The Dream Walker’. Earlier this month, the band announced the release of the album along with the first single, ‘Paralyzed’, which was an instant hit and jumped right to the iTunes top 10 alternative Charts.  Because frontman, Tom Delonge, is such a big supporter of Halloween, its no surprise that they decided the Holiday as a date to release the single.

‘The Dream Walker’ will be released with the addition of an animated short film, comic book series, novels, and a live-action feature film. The exact date of release has yet to be determined, but will be coming some time in early 2015.

Regarding the release of the album, Delong stated: “I always envisioned AVA as more than just a band. I saw it as a transmedia storytelling experience, an art project, exploring larger themes that touched on human behavior. We’ve tried to further the ambition of the band with each project and with The Dream Walker, I feel that we’ve taken things to an entirely new level.”

Although the release date of the album has yet to be set, the animated short film, ‘Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker’, has been confirmed to be released on December 9th. Check out the trailer for the short film, as well as the new single below!

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