Brandon Flowers Working on Second Solo Album

In 2010, Brandon Flowers of The Killers released his first solo album, ‘Flamingo’, and after a nearly four year break from solo material, he has just announced that he has been working on a second. The band has a lot of extra time between shows this year, so Brandon Flowers thought this would be the perfect time to work on his solo material. He already has a few songs off the album recorded and will be working on more over the course of the next few months.

Considering Brandon Flowers is from Las Vegas, NV, the city was a big topic in his first solo album; however, he is trying to steer away from the topic for his second album.

“I’m trying to sort of stay away from that, but I’ve always got one foot planted there, so it’s hard. People are going to interpret it how they will, but there’s only a little bit of Vegas in there.”

The date of the second solo album release date has yet to be scheduled.

Listen to “Crossfire” from Flowers’ first solo album Flamingo below:

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