Altwire Artists To Watch: Rory Fresco

Rory Fresco did not blow up based on pure luck. Okay, well maybe he did, but he definitely has the skills to justify all of the attention he has been getting. Fresco blew up after his song Lowkey (by the way Kansas City producer J-Tone did a great remix of this song) auto-played on SoundCloud after Kanye West’s Real Friends. The song quickly shot up to 1 million plays, a vídeo was released, and Fresco was featured in Complex, The Fader, and countless other music blogs.

Fresco started producing when he was just a pre-teen and it shows. His production is head and shoulders above any other SoundCloud rapper. A particular song where Fresco’s production shines is Crazy How Life Go. The pop-rap beat shows his versatility as a producer, and I love the sampled voices on the track. Fresco started rapping when nobody wanted to rap on his beats, looking back they probably should have.

Lowkey Fresco has been getting a lot of attention, and that attention should keep coming. Recently he posted pictures on his twitter of him with Post Malone, and also posted pictures of him at Universal Music Group’s Headquarters. I spoke with Fresco, and while there is no guaranteed collab or record deal on the way things are certainly looking good for the 18 year old rapper. I’m sure we can all agree that Lowkey sounded like a Travis Scott song, but Fresco can do so much more. He has a wide variety of styles on his SoundCloud ranging from pop-rap to trap. This range of variety would be a concern for most artists, as it generally shows a lack of focus, but Fresco seemed totally focus when I spoke with him. He describes the sound of his upcoming album Hollywood Rebel (title pending) as “Stadium music man. Like it’s anthems. Think if Justin Timberlake did an album with Kanye.”.  The album will be out sometime last this year or early next year, and I will certainly be reviewing it.

Fresco has a bright future ahead of him. If he remains focused and gets another big single I think that he could become the next big rapper. Keep tabs on this kid, and while you wait for his album check out his SoundCloud and follow him on twitter.

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