AltWire Fast Five - Rock (Semana del 20/01/2019)

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up to start your day. That’s where Fast Five comes in. Compromised of bite sized playlists, updated every weekday (Monday through Friday), “the five” gives you a taste of the best in music right now, featuring tracks from a different genre each day. See our picks below for our rock songs of the week.

Mark Morton Ft. Chester Bennington – Cross Off

Recorded mere months before Chester Bennington‘s tragic and untimely death by suicide, “Cross Off” is a collaboration between Lamb of God’s Mark Morton and the Linkin Park vocalist, created for Morton’s Anesthetic album which is due for release March 1st, 2019. As the first posthumously released material to feature the rock legend’s vocals, “Cross Off” sees Bennington at peak vocal ability, proving that even at age 41, with over 20 years in music, he was only just getting started.


Palisades – Fragile Bones

Joining forces with mega producer Howard Benson (known for his work with bands like  My Chemical Romance, Flyleaf y Sartén) the boys in Palisades have created a thrillingly intense rock anthem in “Fragile Bones”, off of their recent release Erase The Pain. Showcasing what may some of their most arena ready and anthemic music to date, this is a track well worth a big run on the hard rock charts.


Puppy – Bathe In Blood

What a sound this band has. Hearing this track, it’s hard not to expect this band to be talked about in 2019 given their highly appealing sound that seems to have a little something for everyone. Newcomers to the rock scene, Puppy effortlessly blends metal, shoe-gaze style fuzz rock and wait a that a bit of a grunge influence I hear in there too? Fantastic! This is one puppy you should adopt immediately into your musical library.


Ignite – Nothing Can Stop Me

The oldest track on the list, this song was actually released all the way back in 2016 (!) on Ignite's A War Against You record, but only just received a video this past December. With a fast paced and furious melodic hardcore-punk sound that will instantly appeal to Rise Against fans, one will wonder why this song didn’t have a video sooner as it’s a truly intense and biting song from start to finish. Be on the lookout for more music soon, as the band have announced plans to head into the studio later this year to record a followup.

While She Sleeps – HAUNT ME

Yes, it’s a metal-core track. I will confess that I have a soft spot for metal-core (having played in a metal-core band myself at one point), and regardless what some rock and metal purists may think of the genre, there’s no denying that this song absolutely rips when the breakdown comes in at about 2:30. I love a good crunchy rock track, and this track provides that in spades. While She Sleeps are an experienced band with nearly 15 years on the scene, and while this song doesn’t exact break new ground for the genre, it does include many of things the group is known for, including their penchant for catchy sing-along choruses and big breakdowns.

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