SOJA Poetry in Motion Tour 2019 Photos


SOJA has kicked off its spring and summer tour and our team got to catch them at Viera, off The Sunshine State’s Space Coast, during its annual Sea Food Festival.

This show was opened up by Bob Marley’s youngest son, Ky-Mani, who performed his hits while covering his late father’s legendary tracks, reminding us that the Marley Legacy lives on.

Finally, SOJA took on the stage kicking off their setlist by performing their #1 hit, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”.  No matter the size of the venue, their sets always bring in huge crowds of loyal fans of all ages who sing along to each song word for word. As a fan myself that’s something I’ve always found very heartwarming. This same loyal fan base has also brought on tons of new talent, inspired by the band as they launched the 2019 Sing to Me Cover Contest.

Thousands of contestants from around the world submitted their own unique covers of their favorite songs on YouTube for a chance to perform live on stage at one of their upcoming shows on this tour. Since 1997, they’ve inspired fans to do their part in making the world a better place, while inspiring new artists coming on to the reggae scene to continue the band’s mission.

Make sure to catch this two-time Grammy-nominated band as they hit the road with Passafire, Iya Terra, Sublime with Rome and many other great artists at your nearest city, which includes the Festival California Roots at the end of May!

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