Fake Bret Michaels Scams Fans Out of Money

Bret Michaels

Why people would give their bank account information to Bret Michaels in the first place is beyond me.

However, some ‘skilled’ con artist has managed to use the Poison star’s image to steal money from several fans’ bank accounts. Someone has created social network pages posing as Michaels, claiming he needs help setting up a cash transfer. Some gullible fans have handed over their bank account information, even though the emails “Michaels” is sending are filled with grammar and spelling mistakes, including the star’s name.

The real Bret Michaels team has posted the following statement via his Facebook page regarding the situation:

It has come to our attention that someone is online saying they are Bret Michaels and that they need help transferring a large sum of money. They are creating numerous fraudulent Facebook profiles, watching who comments on Bret’s real Facebook page and then reaching out and starting a conversation.

They are asking that you do not share the phone number they give you, bring this to management’s attention or tell anyone about their texts to you as they need the information to be confidential.

They have also been known to text people who have phone numbers listed in their ‘about me’ sections.

We implore you to please be vigilant and not fall for these people’s lies. Please do not give out your address, phone numbers or any banking information to these individuals. If they message you through Facebook, please report the page.

We bring this public service announcement to you for the safety of you the Bret Michaels fan. Bret Michaels nor anyone from MEGI will never ever ask you or solicit for you to send them money.

What to look for ‘

1) Pages that have Bret’s name spelled wrong by one letter.
2) Pages that include poor grammar and numerous misspellings.
3) Texts or messages that include poor grammar, bible verses, and various demands.

‘ Team Bret

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