New Album Plans by Muse and Halestorm

After wrapping up their North American Tour on December 15, US-Rock Band Halestorm will now concentrate on writing new material for their next album at their home base in Nashville.

“With all the touring we’ve been doing we really haven’t had a chance to all sit down and write together as a band. We’ve been writing constantly, kind of here and there on the road. It’s kind of tough on the road because our days are pretty swamped and it’s hard to get into that creative mentality. We’re focused on performing and the shows and not quite as consumed with the writing process”, Arejay Hale explains to

The band’s drummer expects their latest cover EP “ReAniMate 2.0” to influence the new material, just like their first cover EP inspired them to write the Grammy winning first single “Love Bites” for their latest album “The Strange Case of…”: “On the first covers EP we did ‘Slave to the Grind’ by Skid Row, and that inspired us to write ‘Love Bites’ […] It’s great training for any band that wants to feel inspired to write their own songs to try out other people’s songs. It starts the creative juices for your own stuff.”


Just like Halestorm, Matt Bellamy of Muse has announced that the band will take a break next year to work on the new Muse album, already having a clear timeline planned: “I’ve written some good tracks, actually. We haven’t had a chance to rehearse them out yet. We’ll take a break next year for a little few months and then we’ll get in the studio. If it all goes very well, the new album could well be early 2015 or late 2015. Christmas 2014 might be [when we release] our next single”, acknowledges the singer on Triple J.

As an early Christmas present, Muse has released the live video of “Plug In Baby – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium” on their Facebook page, taken from their current Live DVD “Muse – Live at Rome Olympic Stadium”:
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