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Lil Yachty seemingly dropped out of the sky. I, and most other people, had never heard of him until February 11th after the Yeezy Fashion Show/Life of Pablo Listening Party, where he played the role of a model, and was on stage with Young Thug and Ian Connor. Since then Yachty has had a lot of buzz surrounding him, and now he just dropped his new mixtape Lil Boat out of nowhere. Lil Yachty Yeezy Fashion Show

(Lil Yachty est dans le pull rouge)

Lil Yachty est originaire d'Atlanta et, comme la plupart des rappeurs d'Atlanta, sa musique est fortement influencée par le trap. Lil Boat propose des chansons généralement optimistes avec des tambours qui claquent et des flows accrocheurs. Lil Yachty se distingue des autres rappeurs d'Atlanta par son utilisation de l'autotune, qui est parfois agaçante, mais que j'aime bien en général. Il y a quelque chose qui attire l'oreille chez Lil Yachty ; même s'il n'a pas de compétences lyriques, il sait comment faire une accroche accrocheuse, comme il le montre sur Minnesotaet les instrumentaux de l'album sont excellents, en particulier ceux qui ont été produits par Earl. My favorite song on the entire mixtape is probably Run/Running (or Run:Running). The production on the track is amazing, I especially love the wood winds on Run. I can’t really tell what he is saying on the track because of the strong autotune, but it sounds fantastic. In that way it can be akin to the latest D’Angelo album. If you are someone who only listens to music for lyrics, or believes that lyrics are the most important aspect of any song, then this album probably isn’t right for you. The point of trap isn’t to be deep or political.

On the Intro of Lil Boat there is a story introduced, and a narrator talks about how he is going to tell us a story about his nephews “Lil Yachty” and “Lil Boat”. After 5 listens I really couldn’t figure out what the story was, or if there was even a story. I think Lil Yachty is the guy with autotune on his voice, and Lil Boat is the guy with no autotune. Beyond that I couldn’t really pick any story out. I don’t mind that there was no story (that I could decipher) but I was just really confused as to why Yachty would make an introduction with a story. I also had a problem with a few songs on the mixtape. Even though the hook on Minnesota is incredibly catchy, the song just didn’t do anything for me. The beat and Yachty’s delivery sort of reminded me of a nursery rhyme, and I didn’t like how Yachty sang in a really high voice like Young Thug. On top of that, lyrically the song made me laugh. I’m not sure if that was the goal but I mean it just makes no sense. He goes off flow shouting out his lawyer, talks about eating pork rinds with someone from the New York Times, and  raps “You need to stay up out the streets if you can’t take the heat/Cause it get cold like Minnesota”. I know I said that lyrics are not important in trap, and I am probably coming across as hypocritical, but I mean come on I was laughing throughout the entire song.

"Je mangeais du porc et des couennes avec une salope du New York Times.

Je ne mange pas de porc ni de couenne, mais cette salope était vraiment très bien.

J'ai de l'or sur mon collier, j'ai tatoué mes bras"

Even though I did have my problems with this album, I really enjoyed it. The album does what it’s supposed to do, and I’m sure Minnesota is going to blow up because of its catchy hook. A lot of general music fans probably wouldn’t like this album, but if you’re trying to get into trap or are open minded I’d give this album a shot. Lil Boat one of the best rap projects released this year, and I’m excited for Lil Yachty’s next full length project.

Chansons préférées : Not My Bro, Run/Running, Out Late

Chansons les moins appréciées : Minnesota, Im Sorry

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