Breaking Benjamin publie "Angels Fall" (en anglais)

A second single has been unveiled for anxious Breaking Benjamin fans, “Angels Fall”, following on the heels of “Failure” off the upcoming album Dark Before Dawn,  which is due out on June 23rd. The album is their first since Chère Agonie in 2009, that album was followed by a lengthy hiatus to deal with lead singer Burnley’s health issues caused by his bout with alcoholism, and which was further lengthened by a legal battle within the band.

The lineup now consists of drummer Shaun Foist, bassist Aaron Burch, guitarists Jason Rauch and Keith Wallen behind frontman Ben Burnley. ‘Breaking Benjamin 2.0’ began recording the fifth studio album late 2014.

With the release of the two new singles, Burnley shared more on the theme of overcoming obstacles on their Facebook:

“Before Breaking Benjamin I had been in and out of so many failed bands, and with each one of those failures I have become a better musician, a better songwriter and have made so many amazing friends along the way. My failures have prepared me for my successes. Life is full of failures but it teaches us exactly what not to do, and learning what not to do is no different than learning precisely what to do to succeed.”

Full Metal Jackie recently talked with Breaking Benjamin’s frontman, Burnley explaining how the ‘restart’ has allowed for a ‘leaner, meaner Breaking Benjamin;’ “I wanted to make it- everything Breaking Benjamin has always been plus four. And now it finally is because everybody’s capable of doing what needs to be done to bring the music to where it needs to be.

“And now that we can play everything in real time and all of the instruments are, everything you see in a Breaking Benjamin show, everything you hear is being played by somebody- it’s not on a track, not listening to a tape. Every single bit of it is being performed by a human being in the band. So it’s really cool just to be able to say that.”

Tracks are available instantly with pre-orders through iTunes. All dates and tickets on sale can be found ICI.

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