Jacksonville’s Little Geronimo Release Upbeat New Single “Change”

Jacksonville, Florida’s Little Geronimo just dropped an upbeat, summery single called “Change” and it has us stoked for their upcoming EP. ‘Kingdoms’ will be the rock bands second release, and it seems they are headed in a more upbeat pop punk direction with the record. The new single “Change” has playful riffs, upbeat lyrics, and enough cool character to set the band apart from others with a similar sound.

Lyrics like “I can’t hold back this happiness” and “no one wants your damn sad songs on a sunny day” have  a shameless and irresistible positivity that show a refreshing and different approach to the genre. They take advantage of creative song structure,  with a slowed down hook featuring pseudo angelic harmonies. The track is still fairly simple but shows off their personality. Little Geronimo is a band with a sound that is current, fun, and different and we firmly believe they should be on the Warped Tour circuit. I would not be surprised at all if we see the group on next year’s tour.

The bright positivity and sunny feel of “Change” make it a perfect summer single. We look forward to hearing the full album and are curious to see what direction Little Geronimo takes with the rest of the record. Add “Change” to your  summer playlist today and stay tuned for our full coverage of their EP ‘Kingdoms’ when it is released.

Listen to “Change” By Little Geronimo Below:

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